Stay safe when enjoying BDSM

Do you like to play a little bit rough? I must admit that I like to play a little bit rough when I spend time with my boyfriend after coming home from London escorts, but I always make sure that we are safe. We have this special word that we use when we want the other partner to sop what he or she is doing. Not all of my friends at London escorts use safe words and that has really surprised me. I would have thought that it would be crucial to do so.

Do I take my BDSM into London escorts? The thing is that I am not a trained dominatrix so I don’t like doing that at all. Some of the girls do, but I don’t think that I would do that. If I fancied having a go at domination at the escort agency, I think that I would get some proper training. There are a few London escorts who specialize in domination and I think it is important to get it right. If one of them would be happy to train me, I would be more than happy to learn.

Why do I like BDSM? I really don’t know why, but I think it has to do with letting go. When I was younger I went to boarding school and we always had to behave. Let’s put it this way, I have learned that you do not always have to behave when you are at London escorts. BDSM to me is another way of misbehaving and doing something which is not conventional at all. One thing is for sure, I really do get a kick out if it and so does my boyfriend, As a matter of fact, he works for a group of male London escorts.

If you like, you can say that my boyfriend is my ideal partner. The fact that he works for a male London escorts service certainly helps. At least we know what happens when we are away from home and we can share everything. Before I met Tony, I used to go out with a regular guy who had never done any escorting. The truth is that some days I moan about my job at London escorts, and some days Tony moans about his job. We get together and enjoy some BDSM and feel better.

We don’t engage in BDSM all of the time when we are together, but we do like to do BDSM  a couple of times per week. It is a great way of getting some relief from all of that tension that has built up during the week at London escorts. At the end of the session, we know what we are all about. Also, we take turns to be master and slave. That is very unusual. Most couples stick to the same roles all of the time, but that does nothing for us. We like to be creative and let in new challenges into our love life. Maybe we should all do that.

BDSM – what is it all about

What is bondage and dominance play all about? BDSM is becoming more and more popular, and a lot of London escorts are beginning to introduce it as part of their menus. Is it something new? We may think that BDSM is something new, but it has actually been around for a very long time. It has also been used around the world in many different cultures so it is something which is not new, or exclusive, to London escorts. The practice of bondage is wiel recorded and it is said that even many Roman emperors enjoyed a bit of bondage.

But, what makes bondage so popular today? Amy from London escorts thinks it is because many of us are trying to escape into a bit of a fantasy world. We are sick of daily life, and we actually want to play, says Amy from London escorts. Our need to play is not only turning up at London escorts. Looking around, you will notice that it is everywhere, and it is interesting to note that it is mainly adults that indulge in one of the popular online fantasy games such as World of Warcraft.

Do you will that you need to be punished? Some of the gents who visit bdsm escorts clearly feel that they need to be punished. Could it be that they need to feel that they are not in control anymore? Some of the gents who date London escorts have very high powered jobs, and perhaps this is why they need to let go. It is like a therapy for them, and they feel a sense of release when they indulge in BDSM. Interestingly many men are happy to be the receiver and they want the lady to be the dominant one.

How do you get into BDSM? You need to start of carefully, says Amy. Most girls at London escorts do not encourage anybody to jump straight into very serious bondage. I always introduce my gents at London escorts into bondage play in a particular way. Starting off with a few lights restrains and ticklers is normally the best way of doing so. If somebody offers you paddles and sort of more hardcore BDSM stuff straight away, they clearly do not understand BDSM game play.

You really need to trust the person who is your partner as well. I make sure that I have certain break words which we are both familiar with and use when we need to. Stop may not be enough, so the break word is often something which is not associated with bondage at all. For instance, I may tell a gent to say salt and pepper when it becomes too much. Once you are comfortable with the basics of BDSM, you can move on but you certainly need to be happy and be able to trust your partner completely. Is it fun? I think it is fun, but you have to be able to appreciate that it is just game play, nothing serious. I call it playing with the devil in me, finishes Amy.


Room 102: A Tale Of Teenage Desire

I wasn’t very attractive when I was in school; I had acne like most children. At least that’s the way I saw myself. It wasn’t until I reached high school that I really started to blossom. At least my breasts started to outweigh my acne.

My home room was Room 102. Most of the guys in my class were just your typical guys, but there were two that really stood out, Frank and Jeff.
Frank was the most attractive guy in the school. He wasn’t your typical jock, but rather a dark, brooding poet who drove both the guys and the girls crazy. The guys, because they couldn’t see what the girls saw in him and the girls, well the reasons were more aesthetic.

Jeff was the complete opposite. He was a lineman on the football team and he looked the part. Tall, dark hair, green eyes that sparkled when he laughed. And oh those big arms! He looked like he could crush you with a hug, and there were plenty of girls ready for him to try. There were rumors that Jeff had an addiction to steroids, and with those arms he certainly looked that part.

One day I was staying late after school for some reason I really can’t remember. I wandered back to my home room and was surprised to see both Jeff and Frank there, talking about some thing or another. I smiled shyly at them both as I passed, thinking that they wouldn’t pay any more attention to me than they usually did. However, this time was different.

I heard the door close softly, and I turned around in surprise. Frank has somehow crept up behind me, so when I turned around he was right in my face. He smiled softly as his lips found mine, increasing their pressure as they found no resistance.

Of course he had no way of knowing that he was fulfilling one of my fantasies. And right now as Frank was kissing me, the other fantasy was watching silently from the corner.

Frank lifted me onto the desk spreading my knees and pressing close. I leaned back slightly and felt another presence behind me. I felt hand sliding around to cup my breasts, hands slowly rotating across the fabric of my shirt. Frank began to unbutton it, kissing my neck and collar bone.

As the three of us explored each other’s bodies that day in Room 102, I knew I would remember this day for the rest of my life.

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