Sometimes I think it does as we meet all sorts of people here at London escorts. The truth is that quite often a lot of the girls who work here feel like relationship counselors. That might be a bit of an odd statement to make but the gents that we meet do like to tell us their problems. Of course, not all gents have relationship problems but a lot of them do. Some are ongoing relationships, others are not. I don’t mind really and it sort of makes working for London escorts really interesting.

A lot of gents who date London escorts are often divorced. The reasons why they date London escorts are many, and most of the gents that I meet on a regular basis, seem to have a problem with trust. After all, trust is really important in any sexual relations. But the problem is that once you have been divorced, trust often breaks down and you find it really difficult to learn how to trust again. This is only one of the problem that we come across on a regular basis. I would say that this also very difficult to cope with for London escorts.

Discussing relationship problems with the gents that we meet at London escorts can be tough. After all, we don’t very often get to meet the other person involved in the relationship. If, we were to do that, perhaps it would be better. The fact, is that most London escorts are quite good at communicating and I wonder if we could actually help a lot of people. I know that some London escorts who work for our escorts for couple’s service, do speak to both parties a lot and many of them have said it seems to help.

Men don’t find it very easy to talk about their feelings, and that can put a real dampener when it comes to forming new relationships. A lot of my colleagues here at London escorts, say that it is almost liking dragging information out of gents. Yes, as London escorts we can tell that a man feels tense but we can’t exactly tell why. It would be easier if men learned to communicate a bit more effectively, perhaps that would even stop their relationships breaking down in the first place. But then again, we are not perfect ourselves.

Talking about our feelings and emotions, is one of the most important things that we should be doing, but is often the thing that we try to avoid. It can be difficult and your feelings could get hurt. I know lots of London escorts who find it difficult to communicate with their partners, and I keep wondering if this is true for all of us. I can say that I am the best at it, but I do try very hard.

Fortunately, my boyfriend is American and American men do have a tendency to talk more about their feelings than British guys.

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