Everything went well when I finally meet the love of my life. Someone that taught me how to live life again and see the bright side of it. I always thought that life is unfair to me, giving me constant problems. Sometimes, I thought of killing my self to stop the pain in me. I only have one wish in life, to become successful and find the person for me. Someone that won’t gives up on me no matter what happened. Someone that will always be there to protect and defend me. Someone that will make my life change.

I came from a poor and broken family, we are already severe in life and being broken sucks.   You have no one to share your experience too and tell whats going on with your life. You have no one to remind you that everything will work out in the end. You have no one to make you’re to help when problems lie. I stayed with my father for most of my life. I am the only child, and even before,  they don’t care about me. My father works as a construction worker, and he has a little wage to it. It is not enough for all of us, food, rent and other necessities. Dad was a good provider, and so he does not have any time for me because he used most of his time in the work. Mom always fond of playing computer, she wears sexy dresses everytime she goes to an internet cafe.

Perhaps she has done something crazy there. I also heard in some of our neighbors about another man of my mom, when I look into her reaction, she smiles and tells that she will finally get away this fucking life. I can wait until the weekend for my father to come home. I told him about what happened and he breaksdown. He searched for my mom everywhere, and someone says that she is already with her mistress. Dad was so frustrated, he did not know what to do and became lazy. He doesn’t want to go to work, and we have no food to eat. And to the point that we move out in the house because of unpaid rent.

We became homeless, picking foods in garbages and begging for money. We sleep in the streets, and woke up one day; my father left me too. I hated my life so much and so the world. I starve myself and waiting to die, until a man rescued me and brought me to the hospital. He gave me a second life and sent me to school. Years passed, I graduate from college and move on. I work for a large company in Croydon from https://charlotteaction.org/croydon-escorts. And I met this beautiful lady; she is a Croydon Escorts and very blessed to have her in my life. I am grateful to have a Croydon Escorts in my life because she changes me into something better


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